Xiwen Liang


Integrating animation with video compositing is about a love story. Tinder is the most direct and concise expression. It met his favorite person but was captured by a UFO on the way, he tried to escape, and later met her, pursued her, and finally got together and had a small child. In order to reflect the simple and beautiful love, I created the seemingly simple image of the matchmaker. He had all kinds of difficulties in the pursuit of love, but he overcame and reaped the love. I want to give people inspiration through this, the most simple creature through their most simple way to pursue love. Not like the current attitude and thoughts of people towards love, people should not be philandering and playing with their feelings.

The story ends very well for the matchmaker because he explores the true meaning of love, it is pure and beautiful, and he gets and cherishes his love.

The product introduced is a sports drink containing vitamins. The story is about a basketball player who was in standard form and missed his shots, and eventually drank the drink and then regained his regular shooting form he always makes a basket. The style of this project will have a bright and happy tone. As the story unfolds, the pace will create a sunny and positive experience for the viewer. The images are gentle and as shown in the video, playing basketball is a healthy way of life. The boys are playing basketball and are hot and passionate about it. The background music has a festive feel to it.

Minimalism and flat design can be seen in any field of design such as painting, architectural design, decorative design, graphic design, etc. This style can be used anywhere and provides a clean, easy-to-read presentation. The calm, quiet, soothing and introspective pursued by minimalism can give people a very strong sense of comfort in productive life. The most distinctive feature of minimalism is its simplicity, which is in line with the modern concept of green and healthy living and has the quality of returning to the basics. My own life is a minimalist lifestyle people.