Xiwen Liang


Ecological photography is the purposeful creation of photographs of living creatures in nature, including various types of animals and plants. To get involved in this field, you need to be skilled in photography, but you also need to have special expertise. Knowing the habits of animals is very useful. You must know where and when to find the best place and time for your chosen ecological photography, especially their regular watering and feeding habits will help to capture that moving moment.

When I was in junior high school, I joined a club where we would go to the park every week and get binoculars to observe migratory birds, and the teacher would explain to us about all aspects of bird species their habits and so on.

This is a photo taken at lake minnewanka, I happened to come across a squirrel eating the fruit dynamically, I didn't dare to get close to it for fear of scaring it under the far shot.