Xiwen Liang

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography should reflect the different local characteristics, so that the photos are much more expressive. It reflects the control of light, the expression of space and the adjustment of focus. Weather is also a very important factor, and different weather expresses very different emotions. There will be many objects in the picture, need to have a clear intention to shoot, the theme of the photo and performance content, otherwise cluttered scenery, making the photo do not know what the central content of the theme.

Photo taken on entering Granville Island️. The clash of colors and strong contrasts make this photo attractive and eye-catching.

I took this picture of snow-capped peaks cascading down a very majestic mountain in the town of Banff near Calgary, and I was in a very calm and relaxed state of mind. After seeing him I felt that my worries had disappeared. Maybe this is the power of nature.